Have a think about this…

Most people think that their business brand is related to their logo, fonts, look or tagline. While this is true, it is nowhere near what a brand is actually about. Maybe you think it’s to do with what colours and fonts you use? While this is also correct, this is also just a small percentage of what your brand is all about.

When you have a sore back, who do you go and see? That’s right, you seek out the professional help of a chiropractor or physio. If you have a sore tooth, who do you go and see? That’s right, you go and seek the professional help of a dentist. So why do you, when it comes to the most important thing about your business, your brand, not seek out the help of a professional?

You might find cheaper options, such as getting your friend to “crack your back”, or taking some Panadol for your sore tooth, but that’s ultimately not going to fix the problems you are having. The same goes for your branding – without proper brand strategy behind your business, you will end up with a whole heap of “temporary fixes”, but not a long term solution that suits your business needs or goals.

At the end of the day, if you value your business and desire to be the best in your industry, then why not have a brand strategy in place?