Did you know the cost of a logo can range from 5 to 5 million dollars?

I wouldn’t recommend a $5 logo, the designer will cut corners and it is highly likely you will end up with a copied design. It’s not an ideal solution, especially if you are determined and focused to be the best you can be in your market. 

Why is there such a range in price when it comes to the design of a logo? The answer is, the process.

Low end ($5-900+). What you get? A logo, that’s all. 
These logo designs generally skip the design research phase. A logo shouldn’t be random and “pretty” for the sake of it. By skipping research, your logo will be a cliché, something seen a hundred times. How is that going to differentiate you from your competitors? It’s not.

Mid end ($1000-3500+). What you get? A logo & basic branding guidelines. 
Designers will involve more research on your clients and competitors. This option won’t develop a brand, however this can be a reasonable solution to freshen up your look.

High end ($5000-5 million). What you get? An established brand, brand strategy, a logo that represents your personality and values. 
A team of designers and marketers will work with you to build an overall brand. This results in a design that creates brand recognition, most importantly giving you a competitive edge over your competitors. When consumers see you, they will trust you and will subconsciously become loyal to your brand. Think Apple, Samsung, Coca-Cola, Pepsi.

Although you may save some money on a low-cost logo today, you will need to invest more money later when you find it doesn’t represent you or your customers. A logo design should not be a question of price, but rather a question of value. 

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