What is
Brand Strategy?

A brand strategy is how your business will build, shape, and share your brand with your customers.

Brand Strategy Sessions

Brandvue runs brand strategy workshops in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, and the Gold Coast. Here are some key areas that we cover in your session.

Brand Personality

We look at 5 key areas to help you discover your brand’s personality. We ask prompting questions to trigger single word attributes about your business, your ideal customers, how your want your customer to feel when they interact with you, your tone of voice & what value you are adding to your customers.

Brand Positioning

We determine your wow factor, or what gives you an edge over your competitors through a comprehensive competitor analysis. Following this, a brand positioning map is created to define where your brand sits in the marketplace.

Customer Profiles

We create profiles or personas with you which includes characterising the demographics, socioeconomic status, psychographics, and problems of your ideal customers. We then detail what solution you are providing to your customers and how you are going to exceed their expectations.

Income & Efficiency

Applying your products and services to a graph, we prioritise how your business is going to generate a profitable income, the most effective ways people will hear about you, and determine what systems are going to improve business efficiency and enhance customer experience. 

The Key Step Big Brands Take to Connect with Their Customers and Build Trust.

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Not in the Brisbane Area?

You can easily take our online brand strategy course which guides you through all of the steps that we take with our clients. 

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